How to Plan your Macros for the Day

It’s important to know How to Plan your Macros for the day so you can stay on track and continue to be consistent. I like to plan the night before but you can plan for the week and adjust as you go. This would be just like meal prepping.

For me, I like to bulk meal prep rice and a meat and always have pasta and tortillas on hand. This makes it easy to create different meals and use different seasonings. If I have rice and chicken prepped, I could make a chicken burrito bowl, greek chicken bowl, tacos, fried rice, teriyaki bowl, the list goes on.

How to Plan your Macros for the Day

First, start out with your non-negotiables. For some me, it’s always my dessert. I like ending my day with something sweet. It makes me feel less restricted and helps me create balance. For some people, it may be they like to start their day off with a donut or a big savory breakfast. If I plan to eat out for a meal, snack or drink, I like to add that in first as well and then work around it.

Think about starting it as a rough draft. For example, if we were to plan for tomorrow – go into Macros First and add what sounds good and plan what you want to eat.

Initially, I was using MyFitnessPal but they took away the scanner on the free version and I’m not upgrading to premium LOL, so I found Macros First. Someone recommended it in my tiktok comments and I actually really like it.


Second, focus on your proteins. What proteins are you going to have for breakfast? I usually have eggs. I love eggs. You could also do yogurt, a protein shake, overnight oats, cottage cheese – whatever you like to eat. Next, add into Macros First a reasonable serving that you think would be filling for you and fit your macros. Remember, this is just your protein and we still have carbs and fats left.

For a morning snack, let’s do cottage cheese. It’s yummy and a great source of protein. You can make it savory, sweet or blend it in a food processor to make it creamy and smooth. My cottage cheese fruit dip would be perfect.

For lunch, what did you prep or what is available in your fridge? This could be some chicken or even lunch meat – add this to Macros First. Once you figure out your lunch protein, it will be easy to add the sides.

Repeat this for your next snack, dinner and a dessert.

Remember, this is still your rough draft. You haven’t made any food or prepped anything just yet – you are just adding it to the app before adjusting to really hit your macros.

Carbs and Fats

Now, let’s start out with some carbs and fats right now and not stress about the numbers.

What do you like with your breakfast? Oatmeal, fruit, toast? It’s best you refer back to the chart of carb sources that was provided to you in my Macros 101 Course.

Personally, I like toast. I add in my two slices of toast for breakfast. Now on to lunch – I do rice, potatoes or tortillas if I’m doing tacos. Next, I add 4 ounces of rice to Macros First App. Repeat the same for dinner.

Lastly, add your fats. Again, let’s refer back to the chart. But now it’s time to add a little fun to your meals. I like to add peanut butter to my toast – yum! Think about dressings, dips, sauces or even some avocado or cheeses you want to add. Also, some chocolate – that’s a fat too. Maybe you want some dessert for later. Remember, this is your rough draft so just add in what fits best with your meals and we will adjust later.

Fill in the blanks

Add in some some snacks throughout the day. I like to do veggies because I prefer to volume eat but do what is best for you and your body. If you struggle to feel full, something like a cucumber with some ranch seasoning is an awesome and filling snack.


The final part – adjusting what you already have. You’ve already added your proteins, fats and cabs into Macros First. At the top, you can see how much you have remaining, how much you have planned, and your goal.

Next, go in and adjust the foods you already have based on your protein, carbs and fats goals of the day. Maybe you need some more fat – add in a bit more dressing at lunch time. If you need more protein, add in some egg whites to breakfast time. Adjust the macros to your goals.

This is much easier than trying to do it the day of. Even the day of, you can adjust if you need to. If you’re more hungry than normal in the afternoon, add in some more chicken or a snack. They’re always adjustable.

How to Plan your Macros for the Day

I know this can be hard but I am here for you and cheering you on. You got this and I believe that. Staying consistent and planning are key to your success! I am here if you need me.

If you want to learn more about my Macros 101 Course, visit this link.

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