Macro Friendly Food Options at McDonald’s

Today I am going over Macro Friendly Food Options at McDonald’s. It’s important to remember balance in your journey. Not everyday is going to be chicken breast, rice and veggies.

People, especially us moms, are constantly running around and we don’t always have time or remember to bring snacks. Sometimes eating out is the best and easiest option. That’s okay. Step one, don’t feel guilty about it – ever. If you’re planning to go out with the girls or your spouse for a special dinner and want to plan ahead, I wrote a whole blog post on How to Plan your Macros for the Day. I like to add in my “non-negotiables” first and work my day around that.

Macro Friendly Food Options at McDonald's

Macro Friendly Food Options at McDonald’s

A few tips

There’s days where we want to go all out, get the fries and burger, and that’s perfectly okay. Other days we want to do the best we can while out and about. Start by making easy swaps – fruit instead of fries, a small fry instead of a large, mix half of the salad dressing with a little water or ordering grilled chicken instead of fried.


McDonald’s isn’t my favorite but it has a ton of restaurants all across the world so it is definitely convenient. Plus, I am a Dr. Pepper fan but I know a lot of people are obsessed with their Diet Coke. What’s great about McDonald’s is that it has a nutrition calculator on their website. Add in all the items you are going to order and it will calculate the complete macros for you.


Egg McMuffin with a Hash Brown and a Small McCafe Iced Latte W/ Non-Fat Milk

  • 496 Calories/P24g/C55g/F20g

Sausage McMuffin (No American Cheese & Salted Butter) with a Hash Brown + Water

  • 443 Calories/P4g/C46g/F27g


Pair any of these with a kid’s fry (110 Calories/P2g/C15g/F5g), small fry (230Calories/P3g/C31g/F11g), apple slices (15 Calories/P0g/C4g/F0g) and/or a diet coke!


  • 400 Calories/P22g/C33g/F20g

Quarter Pounder with Cheese 

  • 520 Calories/P30g/C42g/F26g

Regular Crispy Chicken Sandwich 

  • 470 Calories/P27g/C45g/F20g

6 Piece Chicken Nugget with Spicy Buffalo Sauce

  • 250 Calories/P14g/C15g/F15g
  • 30 Calories/P0g/C1g/F3g

Bacon Ranch Grilled Chicken Salad (No Cheese W/ Low-Fat Balsamic Vinaigrette) + a Small Fry + Water or Diet Coke

  • 511 Calories/P37g/C39g/F23g

Artisan Grilled Chicken Sandwich (No Mayo) + Small Fry + Diet Coke

  • 545.5 Calories/P38g/C68g/F14.5g

McDouble (No Cheese) + Small Fry + Diet Coke

  • 561 Calories/P23g/C61g/F25g

Any questions?

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