Amazon Prime Day Kitchen Deals

Take full advantage of Amazon Prime Day Kitchen Deals today! I love this time of year where I either – one, see things I bought earlier for much cheaper or second, I hadn’t bought it yet and it’s on sale. I’m going to look at the bright side and focus on the things that I want but haven’t pulled the trigger on purchasing.

I put together my Amazon Prime Favs for you to browse. They have some awesome deals going on right now.

View my full Amazon Prime Day Favs here.

Macros 101 Course Student
  • Smart Scale This is a great scale to weigh yourself, check your BMI and it goes straight to an app to track progress.
  • Food Scale I love this one. It’s accurate, easy and affordable.
  • Apple Watch I absolutely love my apple watch. I try to do 10K steps a day and having this on keeps me motivated.
  • Always Pan Dupe I saw this and it immediately made me think of the Our Place Always Pan. And it’s on sale for only $50!
Items You Need
  • Electric Heating Lunch Box If you’re anything like me, you need this. I am constantly bringing my food with me everywhere so the fact that I can plug this into my car and heat my lunch up is amazing.
  • Veggie Slicer Convenient and safe – I love slicing veggies with this.
  • Veggie Chopper Also very convenient, safe and easy.
  • Egg Maker This makes the perfect hard boiled eggs, poached, scrambled, you name it.
Splurge Items
  • Vitamix Professional Blender At first I didn’t understand the hype but it takes reading the directions or watching youtube videos to perfect it. Now, I can’t imagine not having it. It’s an amazing kitchen gadget and if you can, I would definitely splurge on this item.
  • Kitchenaid Stand Mixer I don’t have one but if you’re a baker – the reviews for this gadget speak for themselves. I’m constantly hearing people rave about this. If you’ve been wanting it – it’s on sale for an amazing price.
  • Nespresso Machine Once I got a nespresso I was slapping myself for not getting one sooner. If you are a big caffeine drinker like me, you NEED. This one is $80+ off and it comes with pods and a milk frother.
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