My 5 Amazon Cooking Must Haves

Today I’m sharing My 5 Amazon Cooking Must Haves! Seriously, you must have them.

Cast Iron

The first thing you need is a cast iron. If seasoned correctly, it can easily be a perfect non-stick pan that can fry and bake your food to perfection. It’s extremely versatile as well. It can go from stovetop to fry and oven to bake. My favorite thing to cook in my cast iron is my chicken thighs or brussel sprouts. I start on the stovetop searing each side for the crunch and finish baking fully in the oven. Cast irons are also very economical and can be passed down from generation to generation if properly cared for.

My 5 Amazon Cooking Must Haves

Meat Thermometer

Next, is a meat thermometer. You always tell your self you need it but then you always forget to purchase it. Anyone else? This helps determine the meat is safe, fully cooked and you avoid overcooking and drying it out. Another tip to avoid drying out your meat is letting it rest for about 15 minutes before cutting into it! This will allow all the juices to stay locked in there.

My 5 Amazon Cooking Must Haves

Air Fryer

Next is an air fryer. I mean, this should be a given and I don’t know if I have to even explain this but you need it. You really really need it. Especially if you’re someone who is on the go, it’s a lifesaver. I hate the hassle of pre-heating the oven, my kitchen getting hot, getting out a pan, etc. Here, just pop it open, throw in your food and you’re good to go. A little tip to cleaning it is fill it with dish soap and hot water and run it at 400 degrees for 5 minutes. Rinse it and let it air dry. Easy peasy.

My 5 Amazon Cooking Must Haves

Shaker Cup

Another must need item is a shaker cup! I actually need this as well, to be honest. I am always pouring my cocktails into a cup and stirring it with my straw and I can tell you from experience, it is not the same. The shaker cup can chill your cocktail and you can add it to a cup of fresh ice perfectly mixed. It’s very much needed.

My 5 Amazon Cooking Must Haves

Mixing Bowl Set

Last but not least – a huge essential is this mixing bowl set. And it’s on sale for 40% off so RUN! They come in all different sizes and all match. What more do you need? Mixing bowls or dipping bowls – they’re great for both. And you can pair it with my delicious homemade sauces.

My 5 Amazon Cooking Must Haves
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