What I Eat in a Day 1900 Calories

Today I am sharing what I eat in a day 1900 calories. I want to showcase how easily I fit in going out to eat into my day.

I gained a few pounds while I was on covid so I started a cut last week. While I was sick I wasn’t tracking and was extra hungry so I just listened to my body. So I gained a few pounds, no big deal. With just making the cut this past week I already lost 2.6 pounds.

If you want to learn more about the macros lifestyle and creating balance around your meals, check out my Macros 101 Course.

What I Eat in a Day 1900 Calories

Starting out strong with breakfast – I forgot to take a photo. I am obsessed with broccoli and eggs and most of the time I make it into a breakfast casserole. Breakfast time for me is usually a time I try to bulk up on proteins. Most of the time I mix eggs and egg whites since egg whites are solely protein and add volume to your meal while still being low calorie. I switch it up between peanut butter toast and cream cheese with everything bagel seasoning. The bread I always use is Nature’s Harvest Light and I love it. Another breakfast essential for me is hot sauce. My favorites are sriracha and tapatio. I always need my hot sauces – that’s why I bought this little keychain.

Next, is my snack. I’ve been on a real cucumbers and ranch seasoning kick lately. It’s SO good. I also love these Built bars. I always try to get my protein in by eating food instead of shakes so I really like the Built Bars and think! Bars for on the go.

What I Eat in a Day 1900 Calories
What I Eat in a Day 1900 Calories
What I Eat in a Day 1900 Calories

I love to sweeten up my yogurt with Skinny Syrup. Can I just rave about this company really quick? If you’ve been following me from the start you know I am a die hard Skinny Syrup fan. I love to use them in my coffee, yogurt, cocktails and mocktails.

A lot of the times at Home Goods they have a lot of the same flavors but ONLINE? Online they have a TON. Plus, they just came out with their new line. I was shocked to see how many they had online. Safe to say I’ll be making online orders from now on. If you use my code JanelleR you can receive a full bottle for orders over $35.

What I Eat in a Day 1900 Calories

If you’re in San Diego, please get the fish tacos from the Brigantine. They are my absolute favorite.

What I Eat in a Day 1900 Calories

Lastly, ending my day with something sweet. Sometimes I add in a couple candies but didn’t need it today. Make sure you are incorporating things you love into your day. This is a lifestyle change. I know a lot of us had to break through that diet culture mindset that we couldn’t have sweets or bread or any carbs in general and that just isn’t true.

If you want to change your life and incorporate all your favorite foods into your lifestyle, check out my Macros 101 course.

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