30 Day Shred FAQ

I received lots of questions regarding the 30 Day Shred and wanted to answer most of them. If your questions isn’t on here, feel free to comment below.

30 Day Shred FAQ

What’s the difference between this and one on one?

The difference is that one on one, you will have someone calculate your macros weekly which is not necessary at all. You also don’t have any private time with me – it’s all on a public forum but it creates community and answers a lot of questions for maybe someone who is afraid to ask. There is an option to post anonymously if it a more personal question. I am available M-F to answer all questions in the group and I also will be available on live for 2 hours every Thursday from 4:30-6:30PM PST. You can hop in and ask me any questions. I would spend just as much time if not less when it’s one on one. This creates community and people are more engaged and motivated.

Is it good for vegetarians?

Yes, it works with any lifestyle choice. If you’re vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, eat only organic, etc. No food is off limits. I provide you with your proteins, fats, and carbs you should be eating based on your body and from there you plan your meals. I have sample days that you can get inspiration from and have tons of macro friendly recipes on my blog,

When does it start? 

The shred sign ups will start mid month the month before it starts and it will begin on the first of the following month. For example, August 1st Shred, sign ups start mid July.

What happens when the shred is done and I need new macros?

After the 30 days is up, you can sign up for the next shred and in the questionnaire it will ask if you need recalculations from the previous shred. Select “yes” and finish completing the questionnaire.

Can I leave some macros left over or should I try to hit my macros daily?

Definitely try to hit your macros daily – under or over 3. For example, if your protein goal is 160, you should be hitting 160, 157, or 163. 

Does the shred work with someone with PCOS?


Is there a meal plan?

Nope! I don’t believe in general meal plans because not everyone likes the same food. You can eat anything you want while counting macros so for breakfast you can have eggs, fruit, and toast or hit up McDonald’s for a quick breakfast sandwich. Nothing is off limits.

How many people will be in the challenge? 

I will be capping it at 100-150 per month at this time because it’s my first time holding a shred and I want to make sure I can handle it and be attentive to anyone in the shred that has any questions or concerns and answer them promptly. I’m very active in the group.

Is this beginner friendly? 

Yes. The workouts are customizable from beginner to advanced.

Do you think a senior can do this or someone with bad knees? 

If you can walk 10k steps a day and do workouts that are on the floor yes, but if not I wouldn’t recommend this 30 day shred. I would recommend just counting macros and going for easy walks. My macros 101 course can help you with this.

What do you mean by weekly office hours?

I will be available to you Monday through Friday but I will hold office hours on Thursdays on a live videos for 2 hours, from 4:30PM to 6:30PM for people to come chat and ask any questions they want answered right then and there.

Is this safe to do while pregnant?

I would not recommend it pregnant or breastfeeding. Your body just endured creating and delivering another human. I would suggest taking this time to focus on your baby and being able to produce milk. 

What if I don’t have Facebook?

Unfortunately, the group and office hours are held on Facebook so you will need a profile. It doesn’t have to have your personal information or even a photo, just an account so you can interact in the group. 

My macros seem high? Are my macros correct?

Yes, it is shocking at first but based on all the information your provided, your macros WILL be correct. When filling out the questionnaire, make sure you are extremely accurate in your answers.

What type of equipment do I need?

Just some weights and a food scale.

Will you teach us how to count macros?

Yes! I will teach you how to count and add them to Macros First to track them. 

Is it a $99 subscription?

Nope! It’s for one month and then if you were interested, you are able to sign up for the next shred but the $99 is for the 30 days.

Is it more personal or just an online course?

Both! It is similar to one on one except I am not recalculating your macros weekly because it’s not necessary. You have the same access to me as one on one would be (actually more) except it is in a public forum so everyone can see your questions. You do have the option to post anonymously if it is a more personal question.

How much will I lose in 30 days?

That’s up to YOU and essentially your responsibility. Of course, I am here for any questions and support but it is your job to actually track your macros, do the workouts, and plan your meals. A healthy and sustainable weight loss is 0.5-2 lbs per week but oftentimes people lose more. This is a lifestyle change, not a diet so if you’re thinking you’re going to be losing 20 lbs in a month starving yourself, this isn’t for you. Although, I highly recommend you consider it. Because think about it – have the fad diets worked in the past? Maybe, but then you gain the weight back or can’t keep it off. It’s not sustainable – this is. Your overall health will improve as well when you fuel your body correctly.

How do I switch from keto to balance?

You can just start following the macro plan I provide to you!

Is the shred for weight loss?

Yes, the shred is only for weight loss. If you are looking to maintain or bulk, I would suggest taking my Macros 101 course and it will teach you how to calculate your macros and everything you need to know.

How often will you be doing this? 

It will start on the 1st of every month and sign ups will be the month before. Usually around the middle of the month sometime.

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