BTS: Influencer Life and Brand Deals

Today I’m sharing a little BTS: Influencer Life and Brand Deals and explain to you all how it works. I always want to be transparent and honest with you so I thought I’d make a blog post about it.

I want to start off by acknowledging how lucky and grateful I am to have all of you that have allowed me to have this as my job. It’s been such a wild ride but I wouldn’t take back any of it. From the beginning I always wanted to be honest and genuine about my life and what I shared. That was my number one priority and believe it’s so important. I would never ever promote a brand I didn’t back 100% no matter how much money they offered. Trust from you all is so important to me.

No hate at all and I don’t think some influencers realize that when sharing their non-sponsored items they love they tend to say “this isn’t even sponsored or an ad I just love it.” I promised to never say that because for me – it doesn’t matter if it’s an ad or not, I’m going to tell you the truth.

If you’ve been with me from the start, you know that a lot of the products and brands I work with now are brands I promoted for free from the start. Products I absolutely love. I even started using Tula products but before I accepted the partnership, I asked them if I could have a 3 month trial to make sure I loved them and that they worked with my skin. I came back 3 months later and accepted because I genuinely do love their products – the sunscreen is one of my favorites.

I wanted to explain the partnerships in depth because I never want you to think I am selling you something that I personally don’t believe in. When I’m raving about something, I’m obsessed.

Influencers also make commission off their Amazon storefronts that ranges from 1-5% I believe. Everything on there are items I’ve bought or are on my wishlist of purchasing. My favorite recent purchase being my walking pad. I’ve been really bad at linking in my stories so I’m definitely going to try and be better and link my items since I get a ton of DMs asking but can’t respond to everyone.

Another place influencers make commission is LTK which you can make anywhere from a couple cents to dollars on there. The percentages are different all the time. Amazon and LTK definitely aren’t big money makers but they are a great platform for you guys because it allows us to link all of our items we love in one place and easy for you to shop. I love to go to an influencer’s LTK or Amazon storefront and just shop because I don’t have to search through pages of things I don’t like to find something. Plus, I trust their judgement and know they love it too. It makes me feel better about my shopping purchases knowing someone I know or know of bought it. Does anyone else feel that way?

If you have any questions for me you can leave a comment or send me a DM. Thank you again for all your support! I couldn’t do this without you guys and I am forever grateful for all my supporters. You are truly the best.

Don’t forget – I post two new recipes a week here on my blog every Tuesday and Thursday at 11AM PST.

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