My Take on Self Love and Body Positivity

For me, body positivity is loving, appreciating and accepting your body just the way it is. We only get one so it’s important to be grateful for the things it does for us like breathe, walk, work, sleep, hold your children, hug someone, etc. I eat well because I love my body and I want to fuel it with healthy and nutritious food.

I will be honest, I used to get insecure about my arms being too big or all of my cellulite but I love my insecurities now. They make me the woman I am today – who birthed two freaking humans. Crazy right? This body has been with me for 33 years and has gotten me through so much. All of my high school struggles, late nights studying for nursing exams, my first day of work, my wedding day and so much more. If I spent all that time focusing on my insecurities, I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy these moments.

If you don’t fully live your life because you’re “waiting to lose the weight,” you’re missing out on precious moments. We get one life and one body so make it count.

Being confident and loving yourself is so important not only for me but for my daughters. I grew up in an era of crazy diet culture and it was extremely toxic. I never want to use the word “diet” in a negative way, the way we live and eat is a lifestyle.

I know I eat “low carb” or “keto” but I would never force that on anyone else, especially my daughters. I don’t even like to put a label on the way I eat, it’s just the way I feel best. I also never restrict myself from eating something that isn’t keto or low carb.

My point is, focus on you, what makes you feel good and the progress you’ve made over your idea of perfection.


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